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Sergio Aguero: If Real wanted me I’d be here

Sergio Aguero chose the mixed zone after last night’s Champions League match between Manchester City and Real Madrid to basically say he would rather play for Real Madrid than Manchester City.

Aguero told the press that he wanted to move to Real Madrid from cross-town rivals Atletico Madrid in 2011, who instead ended up at Manchester City because Real Madrid never made an offer for him.

“If Real Madrid had been interested in me, then I would be here,” Aguero said.

“I had no option but to join City.

“I want to take this opportunity to refute the information where I supposedly said that I would never play for Real Madrid because I played at Atletico. It was published in an English newspaper.

“Right now, I’m playing for City and not thinking about anything else.”

Aguero later took to Twitter to put on record his happiness at being in Manchester, and stated his aim to win for trophies with City. He tweeted:

‘I feel comfortable and appreciated in @MCFC – it’s a project I feel involved in. We want more titles and we’ll get them!’

‘Just to make it clear – I’m very happy to be in @MCFC. It’s the best decision I could have taken.’

At some point I expect Aguero to head back to Spain and Real Madrid. I thought it would have happened this past summer, but after Aguero’s dramatic last minute goal won Manchester City the Premier League title in May, there was no way that the club could sell him in the summer.