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San Paulo Star Wants To Play For Inter

It was a quote that got every Inter fans heart racing a little. Brazilian starlet Lucas was quoted as saying:

Lucas went on to say:

“Inter are a great club. Everyone would love to play there and I’m no exception. I know that my father and my agent talked to the president of Inter but they still haven’t told me anything, because on the eve or day of a match they leave me in peace”

Inter have been linked with Lucas for over a year bow and it seems that San Paulo and Inter are finally talking about making a deal here. By all indications, the deal will not be completed until the second half of August which leaves a lot of opportunity for more twists and turns in this story.

Even with Lucas’s comments about leaving the club, Sao Paulo will not let him go cheaply as you can see:

“Right now there is no official offer for Lucas. I’ve been hearing that he could leave for 25 million euros, but that’s ridiculous. Even if such an offer were to arrive, the answer would be negative. That’s not enough money for a player like Lucas,” were the words of Jesus Lopes, vice president of Sao Paulo, who spoke to UOL Esporte when excluding the possibility to sell the young jewel sought by Inter.

I have to agree with Jesus Lopes here. The deal will not get done at 25 million euros. There are too many other clubs interested in Lucas for the price not be driven up to 35-40 million euros. The big question is whether at that kind of price, can Inter still compete?