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Real Madrid Set To Announce Record Profits

Stack Of 50 EUR BillsAccording to Marca, Real Madrid will announce record club income and profits next week.

Real Madrid is expected to report income of over 442 million euros for last season, which is a world record for a football club. Those record revenues translated into a pre-tax profit of around 30 million euros, which will be a record for the Spanish top club.

Real have been the highest grossing income club in football for several years now and they will easily meet the FIFA Financial Fair Play rules limiting the percentage of revenues paid to players that go into effect in 2012.

The catalyst behind Real’s increase in income is due to merchandising, particularly replica shirt sales in season ticket sales, and in stadium tours. It will be interesting to see whether the increase in replica shirts was fans buying the Ronaldo shirt or another player.

Also boosting the income number was success on the pitch. Real took significantly more revenue from the Champions League as they reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2003.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Andres Rueda