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Real Madrid Need To Start Acting Like Real Madrid

Real Madrid have refused to hold a pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday’s La Liga clash with Real Sociedad.

Apart from Marcelo, no player from Madrid has addressed the media following the 1-1 draw against Villarreal on Wednesday, in which Los Blancos were very critical of the standard of refereeing.

Sergio Ramos and Mesut Oezil saw red, while manager Jose Mourinho and fitness coach Rui Faria were sent to the stands during the match.

“Referees hurt us too much sometimes, but we must hold our heads high and move on,” Marcelo said after the match.

“You saw what happened and how many of us were sent off.”

Madrid will hold one last training session on Friday before this weekend’s match, but cameras will not be allowed as the team will practice behind closed doors.

Come on. Real Madrid is bigger and better than this. How can you be the biggest football club in the world and refuse to hold a press conference? Mourinho and the club are acting like a petulant child who is not getting his way.

Sit down at the press conference, say you were disappointed with the referee on Wednesday against Villarreal and move on. All Mourinho is doing is stoking the fires of those who say that the team in feeling the pressure of seeing their lead slip away over the last week. And the media silence is giving Barcelona hope that Madrid are crumbing under the pressure and that they could still win the La Liga title this season.