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Premier League Clubs Domiante List Of Top Ten Most Profitable Clubs

MUFC-TrinityForbes has released its list of the most profitable football club in the world for last season and the list is dominated by Premier League clubs, who occupied 5 of the 10 places.

Manchester United might be struggling on the field, but they dominate off it. During the 2014/2015 season, using June 2015 exchange rates, United made a £132 million profit, leading second-placed Real Madrid by a total of £20 million, as the Spanish giants earned £112 million.

The next three clubs are all Premier League ones, with Manchester City coming in third with a £91 million profit. Arsenal took in £85 million, while Liverpool took in £80 million.

Tottenham are ranked eight in this list, earning a £51 million profit. The Spurs are ranked behind Barcelona and Juventus, who took in £75 million and £56 million respectively.

Two German clubs fill out the top ten. Schalke 04 surprisingly beat champions Bayern Munich when it comes to making profits. Schalke took in £46 million, while Bayern took on “only” £41 million.

Interestingly last season’s Premier League champions Chelsea are not on the list while only one Serie A, Juventus, is included.

The top 10:

  1. Manchester United – £132 million
  2. Real Madrid – £112 million
  3. Manchester City – £91 million
  4. Arsenal – £85 million
  5. Liverpool – £80 million
  6. Barcelona – £75 million
  7. Juventus – £56 million
  8. Tottenham – £51 million
  9. Schalke – £46 million
  10. Bayern Munich – £41 million

The calculations are based on earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and player trading.