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Post Match Reaction: "Mourinho said it was impossible for Real Madrid to win the tie and it was"

Aitor Karanka offered his thoughts on Real Madrid’s elimination from the Champions League during Tuesday’s post-match press conference.

“Mourinho said it was impossible for Real Madrid to win the tie and it was. We stood up to Barcelona while on equal terms. All of Madridismo is outraged after what we saw again tonight. With 41 minutes left the disallowed goal changed a lot. The facts are there. Everyone said the goal was good.”

“The entire world saw it and will continue to see it. Thousands watched the first match as well as today’s. I already said that today’s officiating would be easy because the tie was virtually over after what took place in the Bernabeu. The coach was right yet again. We finished eleven on eleven and in four matches there were two draws, one victory and one defeat. Had we arrived here with a 0-0 in the first leg and eleven players…”

“Before the match Mourinho and I discussed who should play and what to do depending on the score. We weren’t able to talk during the match, but we did before kick-off so we knew what to do.”

“There are still league matches to play, so until it’s over there is no need to analyze the season. The team has proven what it’s got. It always stands up to adversity. Mourinho congratulated the team and the entire world for what was seen.”

“Fans again saw what this team is all about. The players proved that they know how to play when allowed to. They displayed different methods of playing and different options, and while we were on equal terms we stood up to Barcelona. Madridistas should be proud of everything they have seen in the last month.”