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Portsmouth Web Site Shut Down

The financial troubles at Portsmouth go from worse to worse as the club’s web site has been closed down today due non-payment.

A club spokesman said:

“Our website is down because the club has failed to keep to the payment plan agreed with our service provider.”

If Pompey doesn’t have the money to pay for a web site, how can it meet its payroll of around £1.8m that is due tomorrow? Pompey has already been late paying its players at least three times this season.

In addition to meeting payroll, Pompey also has a £9m payment to former owner Sacha Gaydamak that is due by midnight on 31 January. What are the odds that payment will be made?

It will be a miracle if Pompey do not go into administration this season as they are reported to be £60million in debt and are basically insolvent.