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Pepe Reina Signs For Bayern Munich

Pepe Reina will officially become a player on Friday after passing his medical at the club.

The German champions signed Reina from for a paltry £2 million after spending a year on loan at last season.

That Liverpool were willing to accept only £2 million for Reina shows how badly that Brendan Rodgers wanted him sold and not around to compete with Simon Mignolet. Because as the stats from whoscored.com show, Reina is a better goalkeeper than Mignolet.

What I don’t; get though is why Reina is going to Bayern Munich, whose goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is the best in the world. Reina is not going to dislodge Neuer, which means that we will spend the next 12 months on the bench watching Bayern play.

The winner in this deal might be goalkeeper David De Gea. After Iker Casillas’s disaster of the and Victor Valdes’s injury problems, Reina’s move to Bayern might well have opened up the door for the United goalkeeper to become Spain’s number one.