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Nuri Sahin Signs For Real Madrid

Real Madrid have already starting planning for next season as they have signed Borussia Dortmund star Nuri Sahin for €10 million. Sahin has signed a six-year contract with Madrid.

The 22-year-old midfielder said he was not motivated by finances in his decision to leave the German top flight champions for the Spanish capital.

“Money wasn’t the reason for my move. When I stay healthy, I’d earn enough anyway,” Sahin told Dortmund’s official website. “Real Madrid is the biggest club on earth. I’m proud to make this step. It’s the highest plateau you can reach as a football player and the chance for the world career I’ve hoped for. Only because of this I will leave Dortmund.”

While Sahin held Madrid in the highest echelon of world clubs, the German-born Turk said he would never forget his time spent at this home club.

“I’m a player who has the potential to break through at Real Madrid. I’ve signed there for six years. It was hard decision, because I’m a Borussian and love Dortmund and the club – and I always will be a Borussian,” he said. “It made me very proud, that I was allowed to lead this team as captain into this stadium. I want to say thank you to all, who supported me on my way. The hardest part for me was to announce my decision. I will miss Jurgen Klopp. I’ve invited the team, trainer, staff members, plus Mr Watze and Mr Rauball to the next Clasico.”

Sahin holds the record as the youngest player, at age 16, to play in the Bundesliga, as well as becoming the youngest to score in the German top flight. He has been an integral part of Dortmund’s Championship winning season.

What do you think of the signing? A good move?