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No Room For Gerrard At Anfield

gerrard-la-galaxyAlmost since he touched down in Los Angeles in 2015, former Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has been very open that his goal was to return to Liverpool in some sort of official capacity. At times the former England captain has seemed more interested in a Liverpool job than he has been in helping the Galaxy win the MLS Cup.

The problem for Gerrard is that Jurgen Klopp has brought in his own staff at Liverpool and there appears to be no room for the Reds former captain who is currently earning his UEFA A licence.

In an interview with Laduma.co.uk, Gerrard dampened speculation of an imminent return to Liverpool saying:

“People need to understand that Jurgen Klopp is his own man. He’s got his own team of people around him that he is very happy and content with.

“Of course I’ve got a huge Liverpool connection and Liverpool is in my heart and always will be but there’s nothing to really comment on.”

The veteran midfielder has been earmarked as a future Liverpool manager and rumours intensified when he was invited back to the Melwood Training complex by Klopp in December.

However, he added: “There’s no future decision to work with Klopp, I get on really well with him, we’re in contact but there’s no job opportunity there at the moment.

“If I had something to say I wouldn’t keep supporters waiting.

I’m not the type of person that will keep something under my hat and sort of wait and delay but there is absolutely nothing to say on my future beyond this MLS season at the moment.”