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No New Signings For Manchester United This Month

OldTraffordnewWith less than two weeks left in the January transfer window, there has been a noticeable lack of transfer talk emanating from Old Trafford.

It appears that the deafening silence from Manchester United Executive Vice Chairman Ed Woodward is not due to his incompetence this time, but instead is because the payers on Louis van Gaal’s wishlist are not available.

Woodward is quoted on TMW saying:

“None of the players that we would want in winter is available, then we will not do anything in this market session.”

It is well know that two of van Gaal’s top targets are Roma midfielder Kevin Strootman and Borussia Dortmund central defender Mats Hummels. I can only conclude that United feel that they can get these deals done in the summer, or else they would be moving on to other targets.

Reports were that van Gaal had a £40 million transfer budget for this window, and if that money is rolled into this summer’s budget, we could see United spend over £200 million in the summer, especially if they land one of the big names on their list like Paul Pogba or Gareth Bale.