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Neymar Expected To Have PSG Medical On Tuesday

Brazil star Neymar will not head to Doha for a medical before completing a £196m transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain but is instead likely to arrive in the French capital on Tuesday, according to reports in France.

Le Parisien reported on Monday that ‘everything suggests’ Neymar will return to France from China, where he is visiting for promotional events, instead of heading to to the middle east where PSG’s owners, Qatar Sports Investments, are based.

He could complete his world record transfer to the French side by the end of the week and the 25-year-old is expected to sign a six-year deal with the French club worth more than £500,000-a-week after taxes

The Parisian club has already received the permission of the public authorities to announce his signing in the centre of the city, and it’s speculated that this could be at Place de la Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

UEFA has already announced that they will investigate the blockbuster deal to make sure it complies with UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP).

“PSG has to respect the rules of FFP like all clubs in Europe,” Andrea Traverso, the chief financial and sustainability executive director of UEFA said. ”

Previous cases are taken into account when a potential sanction is decided, but right now there is no open case and there is no reason to speculate about its hypothetical outcome.”

Traverso also noted that there is no way to block a deal on FFP grounds before it has taken place, as Les Parisiens have plenty of options to still abide by the rules.

“They have to prove that they have no losses of more than 30m euros within three years,” he added.

“The potential impact of Neymar’s signing for PSG would affect the club’s economy for many years.

“It is very difficult to judge this type of operation in advance as we do not know the French club’s plans. They could sell some players for a similar or higher price.

“We can only make a calculations after the deal takes places to ensure that the rules were met.”