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Mourinho To Sign New Deal At Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho has been linked with a move back to the Premier League this summer, but he has thrown cold water on the hopes of Chelsea and Spurs fans by saying that he is going to sign a new deal at Real Madrid.

Mourinho is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying:

“I am going to sign a new contract with Real Madrid,” Mourinho said. “I would like to have a place in the club’s history. Real Madrid and I share a project and we are going to carry on with it.

“Being part of this team is a fantastic and unforgettable experience for a manager like me. Madrid is one of the biggest clubs in the world and I feel happy here. I feel they trust me here and I feel I have the complete support of all the directors and fans.”

Now the sceptic in me thinks that the reason that the “Special One” is staying at Real Madrid for another two or three years is that there is no lateral move available to him at the moment.

Mourinho’s track record has been to keep moving to bigger clubs. He went from Porto to Chelsea to Inter Milan and then to Real Madrid. Each move took him to a bigger club.

The three biggest clubs in the world are Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man United. Mourinho is never going to Barca. That leaves Man United, where Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he wants to manage for another couple of seasons.

So there is no upward move for Mourinho at the moment, which is why he is staying at Real Madrid.

Just a theory!