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Mourinho Hails 'Historic' Real Madrid Side

Jose Mourinho was unsurprisingly full of praise for his Real Madrid team on Sunday as his charges made La Liga history with their outstanding campaign.

The Spanish champions reached the 100-point mark in the league following the weekend’s 4-1 victory against Mallorca, breaking the competition’s record for the highest number of points in a single season.

“Our numbers are incredible and these kids will be remembered as the players who took 100 points. Winning titles is part of Real Madrid’s history.”

“We have to start working again because this club doesn’t allow you to rest after winning a title. It wants its tenth European Cup.”

“It would be important in my career to make Real Madrid history. We have a lot to do even after winning the league title. Results always come when you work without obsessing about things. Celebrations end today and I’m already thinking about the future.”

“Any team would have settled for winning the title with 90 points and 80 goals at the start of the campaign, but we earned incredible numbers… We’ve established new records. It would be important for the team to win the Champions League after reaching the semifinals two years in a row and most of my players have never won the title. We will win next year or in two years time.”

In was a remarkable league campaign for Real Madrid. One hundred points and 32 wins in the league are new records. As is the 121 goals scored in La Liga this season. That averages out to 3.18 goals per game!