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Mourinho Criticizes His Strikers As United Draw Again

Jose Mourinho laid into his gun shy strikers as Manchester United drew another blank at home this season, drawing 0-0 with West Brom.

It is looking more and more likely that United will finish outside the top four this season, and if that happens, Mourinho will point to this sides home form, where they have now dropped 8 of their 15 matches this season.

United, like so many times this season, dominated from the outset against West Brom, and Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial and Henrikh Mkhitaryan were the focus of Mourinho’s post-match ire, having seen United fail to eke out victory as the race for the top four heats up.

“I think in football, especially in teams that want to win things, you need consistency in the individuals,” Mourinho said in the press conference.

“In some others clubs, in some teams where you play for top 10, you play a player with talent is always welcome even if that talent is not consistent.

“Even if that talent is one day, yes, one day, no – in these teams at this level, you need to be consistent.

“And today for 90 minutes (Antonio) Valencia was consistent, Ashley Young was consistent, Marcos Rojo was consistent, (Eric) Bailly was consistent, (Marouane) Fellaini was consistent, (Michael) Carrick was consistent.

“And the other ones were not consistent.

“The other ones were a flash of talent, a glimpse of talent, one good action, almost goal and we need to kill opponents. This is deja vu all season.

“And when you score a goal against these teams, you don’t win 1-0, you win three or 4-0 because you score a goal and then the game is open.

“Then you have a completely different story because then they have to play a different way and we are not consistent on this.

“We miss easy chances, we have moments or periods to push really, but then a couple of players they disappear and there are 10 minutes when you don’t see them.

“And you see always the same people, always the same guys – always the same guys in front of the train pulling the train, so it’s disappointing because it’s one more draw.

“It’s an amazing unbeaten run, 19 matches in the modern Premier League is amazing, is fantastic, but too many draws at home because some draws away from home are very acceptable, positive.

“You can deal with it but too many draws at home.”