Serie A

Moratti Fires Warning To Inter Players

Inter President Massimo Moratti was not a happy camper after seeing Inter’s poor effort against Roma. Teenty-four hours after witnessing Inter capitulate Moratti had this to say to journalists in Viareggio:

“I don’t want to talk about yesterday’s match, because it wasn’t a match. It was a heavy defeat. I don’t want to give you my opinion because it would be a bit too harsh”.

But he did issue a warning:

“Some of the players need to realise that the league is not over yet – there is still a long way to go. They must fight to the last”. And in reply to the question about whether the team needed “rebuilding” he said with a smile: “Even in the season in which we won everything everyone said that the team needed rebuilding”.

Naturally, Moratti too was rather perplexed by the three defeats that have followed the seven victories in a row:

“If I could explain this turnaround, I would be a happy man. At the club we have to work out what needs to be done because there is no time to lose. The match against Roma was the worst of all because against Lecce we missed 10 goal-scoring chances and against Palermo we had already won the match, while in Rome it looked like we expected the referee to blow the final whistle after just a few minutes”.