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Milan Ultras Furious With Pioli Hiring

AC Milan Fans

Milan ultras released a statement calling the club “weak and failing yet again to achieve the target it really wanted” after replacing Marco Giampaolo with Stefano Pioli.

Giampaolo was axed this week after just seven games and 111 days in charge, a new club record.

Fans are already furious at the introduction of the ninth different Coach since Max Allegri was sacked in January 2014.

“Time’s up… you have to prove yourselves!” read a statement from the Curva Sud ultras.

“This was the banner we laid out in the stands on Saturday during the Genoa game, representing a population of Milanisti exhausted by the continual embarrassment of this club.

“Every time we think that we’ve hit rock bottom, the situation precipitates even more. We supported the new project of young players, accepting with heavy heart the fact we wouldn’t see top players arrive, at least for the moment.

“We watched, stunned, the failed Giampaolo era, a choice strongly backed by the current directors only to be thrown out the window after not even three months of work (quite rightly).

“We saw a summer transfer campaign filled with missed targets, replaced at the last minute by other players who had never even been mentioned before for the new Milan project.

“Today, after all this, we find ourselves faced with another change of direction, the latest of recent years. We don’t want to express ourselves on the technical merits of the new Coach, as always that will be judged by the playing field.”

The statement then criticised Milan for their pursuit of Luciano Spalletti, only to go for Pioli when the cost was considered excessive.

“The thing that leaves us disconcerted is that the club, who had chosen a different Coach for our bench, without even telling the old tactician that he had been fired, then moved on to a second choice.

“That highlighted yet again the weakness of this club in failing yet again to achieve the target it really wanted.

“So prove yourselves up to the standard of the history of our Milan, on the pitch, on the bench, but first and foremost in the offices of the HQ at Via Aldo Rossi, because it is from the decisions made at the top that the results of the business model depend, it is from the headquarters that you build a healthy and strong club.

“Rossoneri fans are fed up of being taken for a ride. WE do not deserve that and we will never again accept this undignified spectacle!”