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Man United to sign record £300million kit deal with Nike

Manchester United ChampionsManchester United are set to sign a world record five-year £300m kit deal with Nike that will more than triple the annual amount they receive under their current contract.

It is almost double the current most lucrative deal, Real Madrid’s £31m-a-year tie-up with adidas.

United have also reportedly been granted sales rights for their kits, which could be worth another £15m per year, which could see the five-year deal worth a total of £375m.

The current Nike deal was reported at £303m for the 13 years, and with this extension which will run for five-years reported at £300m, should it end up running for the same amount of time, it could bring the club close to £1 billion in revenue.

At the start of next season, United will change shirt sponsors from AON to American car giant Chevrolet, which will be worth £357m and due to run to 2021.

The Glzaers have done a remarkable job growing the commercial arm of the club, even more important under Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules.  United’s commercial revenues last year equaled 42 per cent of total revenue. With the new Nike and Chevrolet deals, United deal United are poised to cross the 50%  barrier and make more money off the pitch than on it!


Team Maker Per year
Years Total
Man Utd
Nike £60m 5 £300m
Real Madrid
Adidas £31m 8 £248m
Chelsea Adidas £30m 10 £300m
Arsenal Puma £30m 5 £170m (with add-ons)
Barcelona Nike £27m 10 £270m
Liverpool Warrior £25m 6 £150m
Man City
Nike £12m 6 £72m