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Man United Talking With Nike Over £400m Kit Deal

Javier Hernández y su peculir camisetaAccording to the News of the World, United are in discussion with Nike over a world record £400 million kit deal. Nike currently pay United £23.5m per year, and with their existing 10-year deal expiring in 2015, it makes sense to open discussions now on a new deal.

When United moved from Umbro to Nike in 2002, their new deal with Nike set the standard for kit deals in football. Over the length of the contract United have received £303m from Nike. While the United kit deal was record-breaking when it was signed, it is far from that now. Nike recently signed a £38m-a-year deal with the French national team to cover the next seven years, while Barcelona take in about £26m from their kit deal.

A United insider told the paper:

“The club have made big efforts on the commercial side over the last 12 months but the kit deal is the real big one. The Glazer family are well aware what United’s brand is currently worth. It’s not gone unnoticed that kit deals have been taken to another level since the club entered into our original agreement.”

Man United is a true global brand with stars like Ji-Sung Park and Javier Hernandez helping them sell millions of shirts worldwide every year. If Nike is willing to spend £38m-a-year for the French national team, then a 10-year deal at £40m-a-year is not that big a stretch.

Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas