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Man City Wages Highest In The World

Average-wagesAccording to a new report from Sporting Intelligence, Manchester City are the best paid team in the world. Their average first-team pay is higher than anyone in the NBA, NFL or MLB.

The average first-team wages at Man City are £5.2m per year, or £100,764 per week. That tops baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers whose stars earn £4.86m per year (£93,380 a week) on average.

Fueled by skyrocketing TV rights, it is remarkable to see the growth in wages in soccer teams over the last three years.

Also, out of the 8 soccer teams in list for 2013, half of them (Man City, Chelsea, AC Milan and Inter) are all running huge losses at the moment and are afloat because of their rich owner.

Sporting Intelligence first survey was in 2010 and then the New York Yankees had the highest average wages in the world, and the top 10 included seven American sports teams, six of them from the NBA.

By 2011, the Yankees had been knocked off their perch by Barca and Real Madrid, and Manchester City had soared from No 86 in the 2010 list into the No 10 spot. The top 10 in 2011 had five American teams and five from European football.

Last year’s list saw Barca and Real retain their No 1 and No 2 spots as City climbed to No 3. The top 10 had three American teams (the Yankees and Phillies from baseball and the LA Lakers from the NBA) and seven European football teams.

This year’s top 10 features the same teams except the Dodgers in for the Phillies, and in a different order.

Top 10 Teams By Average Wages

  1. Manchester City £5,239,750 (£100,764) >>>>> Highest paid team in EPL
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers MLB £4,855,783 (£93,380) >>>>> Highest paid team in MLB
  3. Real Madrid £4,718,172 (£90,734) >>>>> Highest paid team in La Liga
  4. Barcelona £4,690,430 (£90,201)
  5. New York Yankees MLB £4,649,188 (£89,407)
  6. Milan £4,251,111 (£81,752) >>>>> Highest paid team in Serie A
  7. LA Lakers NBA £4,090,913 (£78,671) >>>>> Highest paid team in NBA
  8. Chelsea £4,058,742 (£78,053)
  9. Bayern Munich £4,000,036 (£76,924) $>>>>> Highest paid team in Bundesliga
  10. Inter Milan £4,000,000 (£76,923) $6,152,566($118,319)