Liverpool, Premier League

Luis Suarez Signs New Long Term Contract With Liverpool

Good news for Liverpool fans today as Luis Suarez has signed a new contract with the club.

Moments after signing the deal, Suarez told

“To sign a new contract with Liverpool is unbelievable for me because I am so happy here at both the club and also in the city.

“That is important for me and I am very happy with my new contract.

“When you are a kid, everybody wants to play for Liverpool. I am here now and it is a dream for me, and now I am a Liverpool fan.

“I am happy off the pitch because the people of Liverpool are good with me and my family. I try my best on the pitch and when you are happy off the pitch, you are happy on the pitch.

“I want to say thank-you to the fans because they are our 12th player. The supporters of Liverpool are unbelievable.

“Five or six years ago I watched on TV the stadium and the club, and now I play here and the supporters have helped me. That’s very important for me.”

Big signing by Liverpool. Shows that Suarez has bought into the vision that Brendan Rodgers and he went out of his way to complement the new Anfield boss:

“He is a good person. I spoke with him last week and he spoke fantastic to me.

“We know what he wants – he wants us to play with the ball all of the time and it’s very important. We try our best in training and we hope to do so in the matches, also.

“He wants us to play with the ball all of the time. He tells us he wants 70-minute or 90-minute concentration all of the time in training. This is very important.

“I am enjoying training and happy with it. It’s important for players to play with the ball all of the time – and with the manager that’s what we’re trying.

“I think he is a good manager and I was impressed with the work he did with Swansea last season. We played them twice and they tried to take the ball from us in good positions with lots of pressure.

“I think Brendan will try the same with Liverpool and we will all try to do our best.”

Reds boss Brendan Rodgers was also full of praise for Suarez saying:

“I’m delighted that he has signed. I think he’s one of the best strikers in world football. Hopefully, he was able to see our vision going forward, in terms of what we’re trying to do.

“I think he felt safe and secure at the fact that we look like we are heading in the right direction and he’s very happy to come with me on that journey – which I’m delighted about.

“He’s committed himself long-term to the club and he’s really looking forward to playing in this way of working. As a manager and for the supporters, I’m delighted because I know how important he is to them.

“He’s a winner. He wants to win. This is a guy who, whether it’s raining or there’s sunshine or snow or hail, he’s out on the field.

“You very rarely see him in a treatment room. He loves his football and football is his life. It’s his passion and I can relate to people like that; people who want to succeed and people who are passionate about success.”