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LMA Criticizes Woodward For Handling Of Moyes Firing

Ed WoodwardThe League Managers’ Association (LMA) have issued a statement in which they say that United were guilty of behaving in an “unprofessional manner” in the way they handled the firing of David Moyes yesterday.

Everyone knew on Monday afternoon that Moyes was going to be sacked, but it was not until a meeting with executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward on Tuesday morning that he was actually told he was being let go.

“The LMA is very disappointed with the nature of David’s departure from Manchester United, and to read extensive reports in the press confirming David’s sacking before David himself had been spoken to officially by the club,” said LMA chief executive Richard Bevan.

“Throughout his time at United, David, as he always does, has conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, values that he believes in and that have been strongly associated with the club and its rich tradition.

“It is therefore sad to see the end of David’s tenure at United being handled in an unprofessional manner.”

Reports are coming out that Moyes was furious at the way Woodward handled the situation, reportedly asking the club’s CEO:

‘How could this leak into the newspapers before I knew?’

Woodward reportedly could offer only words of conciliation and regret. It had not, he explained, been his intention for the news to leak from within his club. The previous night, he added, he could not offer Moyes reassurance or otherwise as by that point United were deep into a due diligence process.

It was been one misstep by Woodward since he took over from David Gill in the summer. As bad as Moyes has been on the pitch, Woodward has not been any better behind the scenes, the mishandling of firing Moyes just the latest in a series of missteps that go back to last summer’s transfer fiasco. It would not surprise me to see Woodward be replaced this summer, as he is damaging the United brand, which is the one thing the Glazers care deeply about.