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Klopp Not Worried About Reds Defensive Issues

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp believes Sadio Mane was ‘unlucky’ to be sent off during the 5-0 defeat to Manchester City.

City goalkeeper Ederson was involved in a nasty collision with the Liverpool forward during the first half of the Premier League clash at the Etihad Stadium.

The former Benfica’keeper was caught in the face by a high foot from Mane, who was subsequently given a straight red card by referee Jonathan Moss

“The whole game was the red card. I don’t think it’s a red card, he doesn’t see him” Klopp told Sky Sports.

“I have seen the goalie already and it’s not that bad and it’s an accident. It’s unlucky, really unlucky to play against City with 10 men.

Even before the sending off there were worries for Liverpool defensively, but Klopp disagreed with that assessment saying:

Both teams were not really compact, that’s true. I was also not happy about this, but we cannot have these situations if City would’ve defended perfectly so you can defend not perfectly and still win 5-0. Yes, we were not compact enough, all three up front were not really involved, we didn’t jump in the midfield [and] go on Fernandinho. It was one, two passes, and Fernandinho could turn, that was the first problem only because Fernandinho had the ball and could play it to De Bruyne and Silva, but they didn’t create many things from this.

Against City, you can always come a step too late and then they pass through the lines so that’s how it is. We had our chances but we were at a maximum of 60 per cent – that’s why I thought if it was still 11 v 11… I don’t care about the result too much, you can create again chances, do this better and be more clinical in the other situations and you will score goals. Obviously all went against us, and the good moments we could not use and the bad moments give us the punch, so that’s how it was.

In the second half Liverpool were overrun in midfield, and City were able to attack at will down the flanks and also through the middle.

“Two weeks ago we spoke about the midfield and actually we have four in the back line and then six in these situations that have to defend better” Klopp added.

“Yes, they could’ve done better, of course, but we could’ve done better with the ball. Also in the second half, a lot of things – you don’t lose 5-0 when a lot of things are right, but it’s not that I’m concerned in the long-term.

“I think if City takes too much confidence from this game today they make a mistake, if we lose too much confidence because of this game we also make a mistake. After the international break, one man down, young players on the pitch in different positions, it was hard for the boys I know, but we don’t look for excuses. I don’t think we had influence on the red card, it was not a foul but at the end it was a red card so we have to accept it, but we were not overly aggressive or something like this, and that changed the game today. We know it, now we can talk about all the rest, but… what would have happened if we could have played 11 versus 11? But I don’t have the chance to watch this game, so I have to take this one and that’s how it is.