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Juve win the Tim Trophy

Juventus have won the Tim Trophy for the first time, thanks to their wins against Inter (on penalties) and Milan. Amauri stood out among the Bianconeri, scoring twice. Significant to see De Ceglie back on the pitch, against the Rossoneri. Milan’s disappointing pre-season continued, however, with Ronaldinho making a minimal contribution and signs of a few cracks in the defence. Inter once again failed to reap what they sowed in terms of the quality of their play, as in the Super Cup. A blunder by Rivas denied them a win against Juventus that had seemed safely locked away.

INTER-JUVENTUS 6-7 on penalties. Inter had its starting midfield, the only variation was Vieira (encouraging signs of improvement from him) for Muntari. Juve countered with a significant attack: Amauri-Iaquinta, with Tiago the playmaker. Quaresma made his presence felt, and forced Buffon to make a difficult save. On 26′ came the goal, a nice one, from Thiago Motta, who scored with a delicate left-footed chip, seizing on a rebound and finding a way through the middle of the Bianconeri’s defence. The match also had an edge to it – proof of the fact that between Inter and Juve friendlies are friendly in name only – with the referee forced to book Stankovic and Felipe Melo. Near the end of the match Cambiasso injured himself (muscle strain). Then there was contact in the area between Materazzi and Amauri. It seemed relatively harmless, but referee Damato awarded the penalty. Materazzi was not happy, and was sent off for protesting. Iaquinta took the kick from the spot, but Julio Cesar made a great save. It seemed like Inter’s match, but the recently introduced Rivas made a huge blunder and opened the door wide for a lurking Amauri who seized on the chance and made it 1-1 at the death. Then on penalties, eventually, Juve won. Santon’s miss and Legrottaglie’s goal were the difference.

MILAN-INTER 0-1 (Balotelli 24′) Milan started with Ronaldinho playing behind Pato and the new acquisition Huntelaar, who were trying to strike up a good tactical understanding. Inter played Balotelli and Quaresma wide to support Milito, the central striker. The first chance came from a free-kick by Balotelli that hit the crossbar. The lights went out at the Adriatico stadium on 15′ – a delay of about 8′. Problem fixed, the game restarted. And on 24′ came Balotelli’s goal, a header, from a nicely flighted free-kick into the centre by Quaresma. The Nerazzurri striker – who played very positively on the wing – was completely unmarked in the middle of the area, forgotten by Milan’s defence, in which at least Nesta seems completely re-established. Milan could not get any pace into their game; Inter covered well, with Stankovic in his element as the screen-playmaker in front of the defence, and got the win without too much trouble.

JUVENTUS-MILAN 2-0 (Amauri 14′, Iaquinta 33′) Juve played Caceres at right fullback and the youngster Iago as an attacking midfielder. Roma made his debut in Milan’s goal. Juve played better. On 14′ came Amauri’s goal, from a powerful right footer from outside the area which Roma should have done better with. Then there was a dart by Pato (who then went off after taking a knock), but he was felled by Salihamidzic just a stride before entering the penalty area. Ronaldinho, having a bad night, took the free-kick. On 33′ came the second goal: the recovered De Ceglie came forward, fed Iaquinta, who looked offside and was clinical in front of goal: 2-0. Juve won the match and the tournament.