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Italy’s police chief says match-fixing probe far from over

Italy’s national police chief Antonio Manganelli has warned that there will be “even more shocking” revelations in the betting scandal.

The investigation is still on-going and has seen some players confess to working with betting syndicates in a bid to fix games.

Andrea Masiello most notably admitted to scoring an own goal on purpose in Bari 0-2 Lecce on May 15 2011 and was banned for 26 months.

“Some things have emerged from the investigation, others are about to emerge and will bring further answers, which are perhaps even more shocking,” said Chief of Police Manganelli today.

“The investigation is still on-going and more behaviour against the rules will emerge.

“Bets were not just made on the final result, but also on who would take the ball out of the net, who would take the first corner, who would get the first header and more. This was also a way of making money.”

At least 50 people have been arrested for match-fixing since the middle of last year, with scores more under investigation by prosecutors in Cremona and Bari.

Multiple clubs and players have already been penalized by sports courts. Antonio Conte, the coach of Serie A champion Juventus, recently had his ban reduced from 10 to four months.