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Is Diego to Juventus a done deal?

According to Gazzetta dello Sport the Diego to Juventus transfer is a done deal.

After the visit of the Werder legal team yesterday to Turin to discuss the release to Juventus of Brazil playmaker Diego, the club chairman Jean-Claude Blanc and sports director Alessio Secco took a private flight to Bremen last night and reached an agreement with Werder Bremen to buy the player. A few remaining loose ends need to be tied up before it becomes official, although the agreement which leapfrogged Bayern Munich (the main rival in the operation), is a done deal.

Werder get €25 million and the player a fee of €3.5 million for five years. Bayern had made a last-minute bid but Werder remained faithful to agreements made with Juventus and the price was not altered.

In the meantime, Juventus chairman Giovanni Cobolli Gigli ruled out any transfer of Buffon.

“Even the value of inestimable assets like skyscrapers or monuments (I don’t know what to compare Buffon to) can dip at such difficult economic times as these. Nevertheless, Buffon is invaluble to us, he’s a true champion and as far as we’re concerned, he’s staying here” he commented on the issue of swapping goalies with Milan who would give Abbiati in order to get the Italian national goalkeeper. “Buffon”, added Cobolli, “is right to want to win, he’s totally right and we want that too. Even the fact that we are going after a huge star like Diego and others, means that we want to make sure we are in the right shape to be even more competitive”.