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Inter Milan Are The Comeback Kings

That Inter Milan came back from a 1-0 half-time deficit to Genoa at the weekend and won 5-2 should not be a surprise.

Inter have picked up 19 points in the second half of matches this season compared with the half-time scores. That leads Serie A. Napoli, second in this special league table have managed a tally of 10 points won in the second half.

The Nerazzurri have turned a negative scoreline into a win on three occasions (Palermo v Inter 1-0/1-2, Inter v Palermo 0-2/3-2, Inter v Genoa 0-1/5-2). In five matches a draw has been changed into a victory (Inter v Udinese 1-1/2-1, Catania v Inter 0-0/1-2, Bari v Inter 0-0/0-3, Fiorentina v Inter 1-1/1-2, Sampdoria v Inter 0-0/0-2), while a negative half-time score became a draw in one match (Inter v Brescia 0-1/1-1). Only on one occasion have Inter lost when honours were even after 45 minutes, in Roma v Inter 0-0/1-0.

What makes this more remarkable is that under Benitez, Inter only picked up 5 points in the second half, while under Leonardo they have already picked up 14 points.