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Inter Chief Supports Leonardo Says No Summer Spending Spree

Inter Milan’s chief executive Ernesto Paolillo has assured Leonardo over his future, but more importantly he said that Inter won’t be going on spending spree on players this summer.

“The man of the future is Leonardo and we will continue with him,” Paolillo told the AP in London. “We have had in this last period some difficulties but this is normal. Of course we will examine the situation after the season and make plans with the coach.”

However more intriguingly to me was Paolollo’s comments about what Inter will do this summer.

“We will follow the new rules with financial fair play, we will spend what we are able to spend that’s all, not crazy things. Maybe it will have to be that we add young players to the team. We have a lot of developmental players in our academy. It’s time to play with them.”

Really surprised at these comments about not spending money this season. I think there is no doubt that Inter need help in defence, midfield and up-front. Maybe Paolillo is implying that Inter will have to sell players first inn order to buy new ones?

What do you think of Paolollo’s comments?