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If Sevilla Do Not Finish Third It Will Be A Disaster Says Fabiano

If Sevilla don’t finish third this season it would be a “disaster” according to their Brazilian striker, Luis Fabiano.

The forward has been plagued by injury lately but came off the bench in the 3-0 Copa del Rey defeat by Athletic Bilbao in the week.

Following that loss, Fabiano knows they must concentrate on the league, and told AS that they are relaxed.

“We are calm and trust that we will finish third. I look at my team-mates and they are relaxed and will not have problems, we will finish third. If we did not, then the season would be a disaster,” he declared. “We have the team to win titles, but it has been difficult, more so because of the injuries that have meant we have often played with one forward. One must respect the work that has been done, and it has been good.”

The exit from the Copa in the week all but ended any hopes Sevilla have of silverware this season, and they could well have lost by more to Athletic.

Fabiano knows that the defeat was bad but says that the whole team take responsibility for what happened.

“We are all together and the team did not do what the coach had asked on the pitch. It was a very difficult game and we did not play well in the first-half. It was tough and they played a great game,” he explained. “When we lose, we do so together, just as when we win. We expected to reach the final, but it has not happened. Still we have a goal though and that is to be in the Champions League places, a clear objective for the team and club. So we have to focus on the league and take it for what it is.”

The Brazilian did not shy away from the fact that against Athletic they were simply outplayed for much of the game.

“They surprised us early on with a goal and then things went badly. They were very much on top of us, we could not play our game and it was a disaster, we did not do anything. In the second-half we improved, but we still went without playing our game. We were supposed to have the focus, but we did not expect that early goal and after that the team dropped their heads,” he admitted.

Fabiano even went on to say that it was the “worst game” he has played with Sevilla, and gave an sight into the reaction of the coach.

“He spoke with us after the match and he knows that sometimes it is hard to do what you are asked on the pitch. In fact, he asked us to up the pressure and we did not do that, we tried, but we couldn’t. It was the worst game since I came here,” said Fabiano.