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How does Raheem Sterling compare to Europe’s best youngsters?

Reportedly the best and biggest clubs in Europe are lining up outside Anfield for a chance to sign Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling, who Reds boss Brendan Rodgers last season called “the best young player in Europe”. That is quite a comment considering a certain Paul Pogba is in that argument.

While media reports suggest that Liverpool value their England international at over £50 million, is he really the best young player in Europe? The data suggests that he is not even in the top ten!

Sterling’s problem is that he is being hyped up to a level that he can never reach. He has shwown that be could one day be a great player, but I am not convinced that is he even the best young player in a Liverpool side that includes Philippe Coutinho.

Pundits forget that Sterling is still only 20 and that European football is littered with young players who were deemed the next big thing.

Where do you stand on Raheem Sterling. Is he the best young talent in Europe?