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Hot Spurs!

Forward Roman Pavlyuchenko is finally earning his paycheck.  Pavlyuchenko, one of the Russian heroes from Euro 2008, scored a late winner against Liverpool yesterday.  It was Liverpool’s first loss of the season.  The loss forced the Reds to now share first in the Premier League table with Chelsea.  With the victory, Tottenham continues the run of good form since the addition of manager Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp will continue to push Ramos’ lads out of the drop zone until January comes. Then he will be able to begin structuring the squad to his liking.  He commented to media after the game,

“They closed down the space so well we really couldn’t get out.  So we changed it in the second half and stuck two up there.  We hung in there, rode our luck at times, but once we got the goal back we were back in it.  We’ve had a great week but it’s going to be tough.  We’ve got some good players but getting the blend right is the problem.  Seven points has been a fantastic return from some tough games.  We do need to strengthen the squad a bit so we’ll see what happens in January.”

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez was left to ponder “what if” as he spoke to media after the match,

“We were controlling the game and created enough chances to win it.  You cannot make any mistakes.”

Is the bigger storyline Spurs’ return to form or Liverpool’s failure to take three points?