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Fans Guide To Going To A Espanyol Match

Espanyol is definitely the second team in Barcelona, but they are a club with their own rich history and a trip to the Estadi Cornella El Prat is something that all football fan should do.

Espanyol’s stadium is is around 30- 45 minutes away from the city centre depending upon the traffic and although outside the centre of Barcelona, transport links are very good.

Transport from the airport to the Estadi Cornella El Prat is plentiful and cheap. For example a metro from the airport to the stadium will be around €2.50 one way, a bus is around the €2.00 mark and a taxi is around €12-15. The taxi is the most convenient way to travel but it’s also the most expensive. If you are not pushed for time, then the tram, bus or metro are by far the cheaper option.

Take the metro blue line 5 from the city centre to station Cornella centre. From here it is about a 10-15 minute walk from the metro stop to the stadium. You can get here from the city centre for a cost of under €2.50, one way

The train line also travels close to the stadium and is a probably a quicker option. Take the Llobregat to Anoia line from the city centre (station Espanya) and get off at the station Cornella Riera. Again it’s around a 10 minute walk from the stop. The cost is about €2.70 one way

From the Plaza Catalunya in the city centre look out for bus numbers 67 or 68 which stop pretty much right outside the stadium itself. Just ask for the stadium when you board, or alternatively you can buy your ticket from the ticket machines located in the city centre. The cost of a bus is around €2.00 depending on where you leave from.

A taxi from the city centre should cost around the €15.00 mark and should certainly be no more than €20.00 depending upon where you are coming from. In general the easily recognised yellow and black taxis are excellent here, but be warned that there are always the odd few who will try to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. For this reason it’s always best to agree a price before you step inside and know roughly what the journey should cost you. Click the link for some contact details of taxi companies in and around the city. Barcelona Taxi Guide

At 10.5 kms from the city centre it is really too far to walk. Transport links are great in and around Barcelona so why not take advantage of them.

Eating And Drinking Around The Stadium
There are a variety of bar and restaurants near the stadium. Whatever your taste and/or budget, you will be happy to know that there is something for everyone.

Bars and Restaurants
Terra Gourmet – Passeig Dels ferrrcarrils Catalans 182, 08940 Cornella
Situated just 10 minutes from the Estadi Conella Prat This cafe.bistro offers breakfast and lunch and is good if you are looking for something lighter to fill you up before the match. Food such as fried eggs with potatoes and bacon, or loin of pork with peppers are pretty tasty. They even do a Sunday special pre or post football special menu at around €20.00 per head

El Divan de Los Sentidos – Cornella de Llobegrat 08940 Barcelona
Less than 10 minutes away from the football stadium lies El Divan De Los Sentidos. a small and friendly restaurant that offers a good selection on the menu. Prices start from €10.95 and you can get a meal and a drink for €13.95

La Lumbre Restaurant – C/Pius XII, 1 08940 Cornella de Llobegrat
If you want somewhere that is very rustic and very Spanish, then this is certainly the place to go. Only a 10 minute walk from the stadium it is a good stop off point before or after the big game. Specials include Sea Bass, Dorada baked in sea salt and Rabbit. Prices vary depending upon what you have but you can eat for around €20.00 per head.

Telepizza – Avinguda Parc 24, 08940 Cornella de Llobegrat
If you don’t fancy fine dining but want something filing before or after you watch the game, then a stop at Telepizza is probably a good idea. You can eat in or take away and prices start from around €9.00.

Bar La Patata – Calle Ramoneda 40 08940 Cornella de Llobegrat
Just a few streets away from the stadium.this is a great place to come if you want to have a drink and a chat before the game with friends. This bar offers a great selection of tapas, and when washed down with an ice cold cerveza, things couldn’t be better.

Cerveceria Luna – C/ Bonestar, 58, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat
This is the place where you will find a lot of supporters congregate before and after the match. It can get quite noisy, in a friendly sort of way, so why not join in the throngs and feel part of the whole experience.

Bar Occitania – Calle Llunetes, 08940 Cornella de Llobegrat
Bar Occitania is situated a few streets away from the football stadium and is well worth a visit just before the match, even if its just to soak up the atmosphere. It does get extremely busy before a home match so get there early to avoid disappointment