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Germany Is Out Of The World Cup

In a big surprise, the German Football Association (DFB) have announced that Hansi Flick will continue as manager of the national team.

After a conversation between DFB President Bernd Neuendorf, DFB Vice President Hans-Joachim Watzke and Flick, the association announced that they have faith that Flick will lead the team to the 2024 European Championships.

“Together we are convinced that the 2024 European Championships here at home presents an enormous opportunity for football in Germany,” Neuendorf said.

“Our aim is to make this tournament a sporting success. We have full faith that Hansi Flick, along with his team, will together be able to meet this challenge,” he added.

Hansi Flick said: “My coaching team and I are looking forward to the European Championship here in Germany with optimism. As a team, we can achieve a lot more than what we showed in Qatar. We missed out on a big opportunity there, and we will learn our lessons from the experience.”

After Germany’s shock elimination from the World Cup after the group stages, Flick was rumored to have been sacked by the German association.

Just because Flick has kept his job doesn’t mean that Germany are not making changes as Technical director Oliver Bierhoff has resigned

Euro 2024 takes place in Germany so there will be huge pressure on Flick to deliver a winning team in their home tournament.