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Genoa And Sampdoria Serie A Games Postponed This Weekend

The Serie A matches involving Genoa and Sampdoria on Sunday have been postponed at the request of the two clubs in the wake of Tuesday’s motorway bridge collapse in their city which killed at least 38 people.

An 80-metre-long section of the bridge, part of a motorway linking the port city of Genoa with southern France, gave way in busy lunchtime traffic, sending dozens of vehicles into free-fall.

Genoa’s chief prosecutor, Francesco Cozzi, said on Thursday that 10-20 people were still missing.

Both Genovese clubs asked not to play their games this weekend, and the entire first round of fixtures could be delayed.

This afternoon the Lega Serie A has confirmed that two games are postponed, but there has so far been no update on the other eight.

“The President of the Lega Serie A, given the requests for postponement of their matches scheduled for Sunday, August 19 at 20.30 on the part of the clubs Sampdoria and Genoa as result of the tragedy which hit Genoa, and having received the assent of both Fiorentina and Milan, has decided on the postponement of the Sampdoria-Fiorentina and Milan-Genoa matches,” a statement confirms.

“The rescheduled dates for the two matches will be announced in the coming days, in compliance with the regulations in force.

“In all the other matches scheduled for the first round of the Serie A TIM, in memory of the victims of Genoa, one minute of silence will be observed before the start and the teams will take to the field with black armbands.”