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Galliani: “A Deal For Kaká Is Almost Impossible”

Of the sideshows of the Real Madrid v AC Milan match at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night, was the ongoing transfer talks between the two clubs over the future of Kaka.

By all accounts there was a face to face meeting between the directors of both clubs in New York on Wednesday.

After those meetings, Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani, did his best to damper any hopes that AC Milan fans had of their favorite son returning to the Rossoneri.

“A deal for Kaká looks very complicated because his price is high and his wages are extremely high. I’d say it’s almost impossible”, said Galliani, who is the Milan president and former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi’s right-hand man. “We’ll continue negotiating, but I don’t want to raise the fans’ hopes. This deal is complicated, complicated, complicated”, he concluded.

The reason that the deal looks so complicated Mr. Galliani is that you don’t have the money to buy Kaka, despite selling or releasing many of your veteran players this summer.

Milan’s offer to Real Madrid is that they get Kaka for a year for free and that Madrid pick up half of Kaka’s €10m wages.

That is not going to get a deal done. As Jose Mourinho told AS about Kaka:

“If he decides to stay, then perfect. If he goes, that’s perfect too, but we are not going to give him away for free.”

Real Madrid are not going to give away a player that they paid €67m for in 2009. That is simply not going to happen. So Milan need to find some money soon, or this deal will never happen.