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FSG Screwing Liverpool Fans Just Like They Do Red Sox Fans

newkopIf Liverpool fans want a glimpse into the future then all they need to do is take a look at the ticket prices for the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox, owned by Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group, had the highest average ticket prices in baseball last season at $52.34.

FSG wants to wring as much money from Liverpool fans as possible and have announced a new ticket pricing system that includes the first £1,000 season ticket and £77 match day tickets. The official Liverpool Supporters’ Committee (LSC) branded the new ticket pricing structure as “morally unjustifiable”.

An LSC statement read:

“The outcome is extremely disappointing and a missed opportunity for LFC to lead in a fairer approach to ticket prices.

“After months of time and effort, meetings and debate of ideas and plans to lower supporters’ costs, the owners have chosen to increase prices for many.

“In the context of the huge income rises the club will receive next year, to up their revenue from fans through season and match day tickets is both unnecessary and morally unjustifiable.”

FSG is all about getting as much money from fans wallets as possible. Actually FSG does not even call them fans. In the ‘portfolio’ section of the Fenway Sports Management site the company have used Liverpool as an example of where they are “transforming fans into customers”

While Liverpool fans look at the club as something they have supported through thick and thin, FSG looks at the £57.85m they make in matchday revenue and asks, “how can we close the gap on Arsenal who rake in over £100m from home games? :

That £40m is a huge difference as FSG wants to close the gap on the backs of the Liverpool fans. The tactic worked in Boston. Will it work on Merseyside?