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Fox Soccer To Do Six Part Documentary On Liverpool

Liverpool is giving Fox Soccer in the U.S., unprecedented behind-the-scenes access for a six-episode documentary series.

Fox said on Thursday that “Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone” will air this fall in the U.S. and likely will be shown on networks around the world.

“I come from a background where the more supporters get to know the inside workings of the club the more they are interested in the club itself,” said Liverpool chairman Tom Werner, also chairman of the Boston Red Sox. “I am not fearful of showing some behind the scenes look at what’s going on because it will only increase awareness of the players.”

“I hope this proves to be such a success for Liverpool that other teams will open their doors and a project like this will not be seen as being so unique that it becomes part and parcel of every team,” Fox Sports chairman David Hill said.

The series sounds similar to Showtime’s “The Franchise,” which focused on the San Francisco Giants last season and the Miami Marlins this year.

“I think we are interested in raising revenues so that we can be as competitive as possible with Manchester United and Arsenal and Chelsea with the other clubs,” Werner said. “And I see this as a mechanism to increase the club’s popularity.”

Fox said it’s the first time cameras are being permitted in Liverpool’s locker room at Anfield.

It will be interesting to see how they handle the Scouse accents of Callagher and Gerrard and the Scottish accent of Kenny Dalglish. Then whole show could have close captions:)

What do you think of this new TV deal? Are you looking forward to seeing it, or is it a case of Liverpool’s new owners trying to go Hollywood?