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Fabianski Gifts Porto Win In Champions League

For those Arsenal fans who have clamored for Arsene Wenger to replace Almunia, now we know why he kept with him. Because Fabianski is not up to the job.

Fabianski made two school boy errors as Arsenal were beaten 2-1 by Porto in the Champions League. The first after 11 minutes when he palmed a cross from Silvestre Varela into his own net. A simply horrible error.

Then six minutes into the second half, Fabianski outdid himself as he picked up an ill-judged back pass from Campbell inside the penalty box. Then he gave the ball straight back to the referee and Porto promptly quickly took the free-kick and Falcao scored from six yards out.

Yes Campbell should have known better, but Fabianski had plenty of time to come and get the original long ball before Campbell touched it. When Campbell touched it he should have kicked it out for a throw in, not pick it up.

As for the quickly taken free kick, I remember Thierry Henry scoring several goals for Arsenal that way. It was a good goal.

Fabianski’s mistakes aside there were some positives that Arsenal can take off the game. They scored an away goal and I can see Arsenal turning over Porto at home in three weeks, especially if some of the injured players are back.

When Arsenal signed Sol Campbell I scoffed at the signing. I eat my words. Not only did Campbell score the valuable away goal but he is providing the defensive coverage that Wenger thought he would give Arsenal.

This was not a vintage Arsenal performance by any stretch of the imagination, but this is a Porto side that I believe they can beat, especially with that valuable away goal. I fully expect Arsenal to finish off the job at home and progress to he quarter-finals.