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Could Kaka Be Coming To MLS?

kakaKaká stunned Real Madrid on Tuesday when he announced after scoring two goals against Deportivo that he wants to leave Real Madrid before the transfer window closes on Monday.

“I want to leave. I think now is the right time for me and the club to part company amicably. I have spoken to Carlo Ancelotti and the club, everyone knows. My father is having talks with the club to find a solution,” the Brazilian said.

“Things are difficult for me in the team and the club knows what I want. It is my duty to work and keep on training, but my father is currently trying to see what might come up. Once again, I think this is the best thing for both myself and the club.”

Kaka has been rumoured to have been leaving the Bernabéu for two years now, but the stumbling block has always been his wages, at €10m net per year. Kaka has previously been unwilling to take a pay cut to move somewhere else, and frankly he is not worth €10m net a year anymore.

The surprising part of Kaka’s transfer request is the timing. The transfer window closes in a couple of days, which doesn’t leave much time to land up a suitor for him. Unless Kaka already has a destination in place.

Which brings me to Major League Soccer. I know of at least two MLS teams that have approached Kaka’s representatives in the past. The feedback they got was that Kaka was very interested in coming to MLS, but teams could not get past his wage demands.

If those wage demands were lowered, would Kaka suddenly become more attractive to say the New York Red Bulls?

What do you think about Kaka? Do you think he would be good signing for MLS? Would he be a success both on and off the pitch?