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Conte Hints Fit Terry Does Not Get Into Chelsea Team

john-terry-league-cupAntonio Conte dropped a firm hint that he plans to continue with a back-three after finally securing a clean sheet with the system at Hull.

It casts doubt over John Terry’s chances of return to the team against Leicester at Stamford Bridge after an ankle injury.

Conte confirmed Terry was fit for selection after completing normal training this week and stressed his desire for ‘English spirit’ at the back.

But the Chelsea captain has not played for more than a month and appears to be fighting for one of three places with David Luiz, Gary Cahill and Cesar Azpilicueta.

Conte would not drawn on whether his captain’s absence was behind Chelsea’s recent fallibility at the back.

He said: ‘It’s important for me to see, every day, the shape. To see every day every situation and then to take the best decision.

‘Now, I have four central defenders and I have to take the decision for three. I try to take the best decision and see the whole situation. One must go on the bench.’

Although the Italian would not confirm whether Terry would come straight back into the starting XI he did admit his admiration for the former England captain’s approach.

‘I love the players who show always a good spirit. I prefer if they also have an England spirit, because it’s very strong,’ Conte added.

‘The central defenders must be very aggressive and go into the line to attack the strikers. And also to be fast to cover the space.’