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Brendan Rodgers With Poor Choice Of Words To Describe Suarez Return

Suarezbite2Liverpool striker Luis Suarez 10-match ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic on the arm is over and the controversial striker can make his long awaited return away to Manchester United on Wednesday in the Capital One cup.

The Liverpool boos was asked about Suarez’s potential return by The Guardian and unfortunately Rodgers used a poor choice of words to describe Sauarez’s eagerness to get back to playing for Liverpool again:

“It has been a really difficult time for him not playing games.

“He’s really champing at the bit to help the team. Everyone knows the depth of his quality and his attitude. Once he gets back on the field again he will show what he has shown since he’s been here.”

“Champing at the bit” Brendan. Really? You could not say think of another word to describe Suarez’s eagerness to get back on the pitch?