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Dortmund And Schalke Rivalry- The Revierderby

Dortmund v Schalke

The Borussia Dortmund v Schalke 04 rivalry is known as the Revierderby, translated the “territory,” or the Ruhr derby. The match is known as ‘the mother of all derbies’ for a reason. It is one of the fiercest rivalries in world football as two of the game’s most passionate sets of fans vie for local bragging rights in Germany’s industrial heartland.

The cities of Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen are separated by less than 20 miles in the Ruhr region. While religious, economic and political differences spice up other derbies, the Revierderby is split simply across one divide: Are you Black-and-Yellow or Royal Blue? There is no middle ground.

Dortmund may have had the upper hand in recent years, but Schalke were the undisputed kings of the Ruhr at the start, a 4-2 win in their first competitive meeting in 1924/25 setting the tone for 18 years of derby dominance.

The Revierderby Statistics and Records
In 156 derbies, Schlake 04 has won 60 matches, Dortmund 53 and there have been 43 draws. However, since entering into Bundesliga action in 1963, the teams have played one another evenly. In 96 matches, Borussia Dortmund has 34 wins, Schlake has 32 wins, and they have battle to 30 draws.

In terms of titles, Dortmund leads 21-13, winning eight championships, four German Cups and have won the German Super Cup six times. Schalke has won seven championships and the German Cup five times.Schalke’s last league title came in 1958, meaning they are yet to be crowned champions in the Bundesliga. It’s a wound Borussia fans particularly enjoy rubbing salt into.

The big difference is in Europe where Dortmund have win the Champions League, Cup Winners Cup and one Intercontinental Cup, compared to Schalke’s one UEFA Cup title.

Important Wins In The Revierderby
One famous Dortmund win in 2005, ended a nearly seven-year undefeated streak for Schalke in the derby, while the other, in May 2007, took on almost traumatic proportions, as Schalke lost the derby and the league lead, which they had held for three months, on the penultimate day of the season in Dortmund. After each of these victories, Borussia Dortmund took the unprecedented step of selling specially-decorated replica shirts to commemorate the occasion. In 2008, Dortmund fan groups celebrated Schalke’s fifty years without a league title.

Revierderby Important Games, Players and Managers
One of the most thrilling and unusual Revierderby matches occurred on 19 December 1997. The teams were in a tough battle. But nearing the 90-minute mark, Dortmund seemed to be in control of the game. They had the lead 3-2. Then at the 90th minute the ball came over the top to the far corner of BVB’s goal and ready and waiting for the airborne ball was Schlake goalkeeper Jens Lehmann. Lehmann scored on a header as the Dortmund keeper was caught totally off guard. The game ended in a three-all draw.

The Revierderby on 30 January 2004 saw Dortmund once again disappointed late in the game. Schalke’s midfield defense was solid and BVB had a hard time generating any offense. Two penalties proved useless to Dortmund, as Jan Koller missed in the 9th minute and Torsten Frings also missed in the 74th. Then in the 89th minute Schlake’s Hamit Altintop found Ebbe Sand. Sand’s shot, off his right foot, went into the net. Dortmund was defeated 1-0.

In a big game that had a lot of meaning for Schlake 04, as they had a shot at the league crown, BVB had to play with a decimated roster. Although missing some important players, they still came out onto the home pitch on 12 May 2007 to give it their all.

It was a tough match but evenly called, as four players on each team were booked during the derby. All received yellow cards. At the 44th minute Alexander Frei scored for Dortmund from Linksschuss and Metzelder. The Königsblauen went off during the half needing a goal. They came out energized for the second half, but were unable to permeate the BVB defense. Then at the 85th minute, Euzebiusz Smolarek, from Rechtsschuss and Metzelder, put the game away. Schlake’s hopes were dashed.