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Bonucci Faces Long Ban And Lecce Relegation

The match-fixing scandal is taking new twists and turns on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep up with. This is what we know so far.

Prosecutor Stefano Palazzi has stated to state his case and suggesting sentences for those whose plea bargains have not been accepted.

On a team level, Palazzi is recommending that Lecce be hit the hardest with relegation to Lega Pro with a six-point penalty. Bologna could be docked two points for the new season and fined €50,000, while Udinese would receive a €50,000 fine because their players were thought to be involved in match-fixing.

Lecce’s penalty is so severe because they are accused of knowing there was a potential fix in their games, and that Lecce President Rico Semeraro, who has since sold the club, should be banned for five years.

The headline news come on the player level where Palazzi is recommending that Juventus and Italy defender Bonucci, dragged into the trial due to his time at Bari, should be suspended for three years and six months. Even at 25, that sentence would effectively end Bonucci’s career.
In addition, Palazzi believes that Bonucci’s Juventus teammate Pepe, whose charges date back to his Udinese career, should be banned for a year as should Marco Di Vaio. The other requested bans are Nicola Belmonte (four years), Simone Bentivoglio (three years and six months), Stefano Guberti (three years), Salvatore Masiello (three years and six months), Padelli (three years), Daniele Portanova (three years) and Vives (three years and six months).

On the matter of Juventus coach Antonio Conte, he is facing a 15-month suspension for his role in a match-fixing scandal, far more than his plea bargained 3 month ban.