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Bojan Krkic Insists He Will Not Return To Barcelona

Roma striker Bojan Krkic says that he will not return to Barcelona even if his former employers comes calling.

The 21-year-old left Nou Camp in the summer for Roma after he failed to establish himself in the first team at Barcelona. Roma paid €12million for the Spanish youngster, but Barcelona have the option to buy the youngster back for €13million after two seasons, though the buy back clause can be nullified for an additional €28million.

Krkic felt that his relationship with Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola has degenerated after not getting what he felt was a fair chance at the club. He told TV3:

“If Guardiola calls me now I would not go back to Barcelona. I spent a long time without speaking to Guardiola. I could not find the right words when I used to see him. I do not think I got what I deserved there.”

The turning point for the Catalonia native came in the Champions League final in May, when Barcelona beat Manchester United 3-0 at Wembley.

“I decided I would leave Barcelona on the night of the Champions League final [against Manchester United]. I knew I would not be a starter for Barcelona. Even when we were 3-1 up at Wembley the coach did not play me, from that moment I knew he did not count on me.”

Krkic scored his first goal for Roma against Atalanta on 1 October and will be hoping to add to his goalscoring tally in the derby match against Lazio this Sunday.