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Beckham Has Out Clause

David BeckhamWe reported last month that David Beckham had an out clause in his LA Galaxy contract which can be triggered this October.

Yesterday, Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport confirmed the out clause rumor saying that Beckham can walk away from the Galaxy at the end of the year, his third in MLS.

This news puts the two months in Milan in a different light. Is Beckham at AC Milan simply to get fit for the upcoming MLS season or is he auditing for a permanent move to Serie A? I think that when Beckham signed with the Galaxy that he never thought that he had any chance of playing in the 2010 world cup. Now that he is back in Capello’s squad, and so close to the most cap records, Beckham seems ready to end his American adventure and get back to playing football “at the highest level”.

Based on Backham’s performance in MLS the last season and a half I say good riddance. Maybe the Galaxy can use Beckham’s money on a couple of defenders and midfield players.