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Bari Admits To Financial Problems

PayBari have asked their players if they can delay paying them as the recently-relegated Serie A club continue to struggle with their finances.

“There has been a conversation between the president and the team, and there was an openness on the players’ part to defer their wages,” said Bari general manager Claudio Garzelli. “It’s undeniable that the talk of the possible entry of new investors, who will be in discussion with the club in the next few days, is linked to the need to resolve financial problems that are gnawing away at us. The talks hope to bring greater solidity and serenity for the future. However, we’ll only see what happens after the meetings that have been planned with the parties interested in investing in Bari.”

Bari were relegated to Serie B next season with four games to go when they were beaten 1-0 by Sampdoria last weekend.

Creative Commons License photo credit: walknboston