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Barcelona Still Want Fabregas

Interesting quotes in the Telegraph from Barcelona President Sandro Rosell about Cesc Fabragas.

This is what the Barca President had to say about the Arsenal captain:

“Barca is not disposed to pay €50 million for Cesc Fabregas next summer. That is decided and, although [Pep] Guardiola demands this player, we will not pay this amount. It is impossible due to a simple reason. In football, prices are reduced each year and, if we offered Arsenal €40 million for Cesc last summer, 50 million is now impossible. If the coach demands Cesc we will negotiate with the Gunners but at a correct limit and without madness and, if the operation is not possible, we will wait for other opportunities.”

Fifty million euros is a lot of money for a player. With Ramsey, Wishere and Nasri, Arsenal have three young midfield stars that can dominate Europe for the next ten years, with or without Fabregas. So part of me says, if Barca offered 40 or 50 million Euros then Arsenal should take it.

But, I would only sell Fabregas if every penny of his transfer fee was reinvested in the team. It is no good selling a star and not reinvesting in the team. With Arsenal’s reluctance to invest in new players over the last few seasons, I have my doubts whether Arsenal would reinvest the funds and for that reason I hope they turn down Barca’s advances this summer.

I do also find it interesting that Pepe Guardiola has identified Fabregas as his number one target. Guardiola is basically on a year to year deal at Barca, and there will be a lot of pressure on Rosell to get the player his manager wants to keep him happy.

Rosell ended by saying that relations between the two clubs were soured further by Arsenal recruiting Jon Miguel Toral from the Barcelona academy.

“Our relationship with Arsenal is not good – the Toral issue has not pleased us,” Rosell said. “The future of Cesc is in his hands and we could only negotiate with Arsenal if Guardiola insists. Only with any sale is it possible to increase the money for the negotiations.”

So its ok for Rosell to tap up players from other teams, but it is wrong for someone to come and offer one of their academy players  (and one with an English parent) a professional contract when Barca cannot?