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As Expected Real Madrid To Appeal FIFA Transfer Ban

As expected Real Madrid have joined their city rivals Atletico in appealing FIFA’s transfer ban. Real issued a statement today that said in full:

The full statement read:

Real Madrid CF has received the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of FIFA, dated July 23, 2015, by which sanctions are imposing a ban on signing two periods of full and consecutive transfer and fined 360,000 today Swiss-francs.
According to that decision Real Madrid CF is punished by:

1. Remove the foreign players under 18 field without being properly registered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation: Absolutely uncertain. All players who play or have played in the teams in the lower categories of our club are and have been enrolled in the RFEF prior to jump the field basis as self-certified Royal Spanish Football Federation to FIFA by written April 17, 2015, as the record shows.

2. Incorporate age 18 foreign players, either in Spain first registration or transfer of other foreign clubs, without meeting the regulatory requirements: Equally uncertain. Real Madrid CF has always complied with the FIFA rules and thus:
-Regarding Players ages 12 and under 18, have always met the requirements of FIFA regulations calling on the RFEF which will carry out (as did) the authorization of the Player Status Committee of FIFA.
‘As for players under 12 years RFEF (sole representative of FIFA in Spain) states, and so I told the Real Madrid CF (email of 10 March 2014) with regard to these other players are not required procedure Spanish player to any minor, which FIFA itself ratified the RFEF by fax of 17 April 2014.

3. Do not inform the RFEF players who play at the lower levels by FIFA to consider that these teams are equivalent to an Academy: also uncertain. Although it considers that the set of equipment ranks of Real Madrid CF are an academy, despite not having separate legal personality, Real Madrid CF has always notified the RFEF registered players in these categories, as evidenced by the that each and every one of them enjoy the corresponding federative license, as stated on the record date for federal certification April 8, 2015.

Consequently, the Real Madrid CF will use this decision of FIFA in all sporting bodies considering it absolutely unacceptable.

The ban is due to to start with this summer’s transfer window which does not give Real much time to prepare. Appealing is a tactic that Barcelona used successfully to push back their transfer ban so that they had a full summer window to add new players. This looks like a tactic that Real Madrid is planning on using also.

The point of the appeal is not to overturn the ban. That is not gong to happen. Instead it is all about buying time. Time to add Galatico’s this summer.

That Real are fighting the transfer ban means that Florentino Pérez will go all out to buy players. David de Gea from Manchester United and a new center half are just two of the names on the list.

The bigger issue will what does he do with Bale and Ronaldo? Who stays and who goes? And what Galatico’s come to the Santiago Bernabéu this summer? Will it be Pogba or Eden Hazard or will Perez trigger Neymar’s buyout clause?

Back in 2009 Real signed both Kaka and Ronaldo during the same summer. I have a feeling that we will see something similar this summer as Real unveil two new Galatico’s.

The only question is who will they be?