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Adebayor calls Barcelona 'Cry Babies'

Real Madrid striker Emmanuel Adebayor criticised Barcelona’s players for overreacting to challenges after his side’s 2-0 Champions League defeat.

“Maybe Pepe committed a foul but I don’t think it was a red card. Whenever you play against Barca, whenever you touch them they are on the floor crying like a baby.”

Adebayor, on loan at the Madrid side from Manchester City, blamed Barcelona’s players for Jose Mourinho’s side’s poor disciplinary record in the El Clasicos.

“I have played three games against Barcelona and each time we have had to play with 10 men. Everyone talks about Barcelona and their fair play but I think they are very far away from fair play. Whenever you make contact when going for a one-on-one or 50-50 ball they are on the floor crying, putting their hand up near their face. Their manager, fans and the players on the bench are always crying. Barcelona is a fantastic club, has fantastic players, but they have to stop that.”

Here is what Adebayor was talking about: