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Lazio Gets Two Match Stadium Ban By Uefa

lazio-fansUefa on Wednesday announced that Lazio will play their next two UEFA competition home matches behind closed doors plus fined the club €40,000.

Lazio was on a suspended sentence for instances of racist abuse from supporters during this season and stadium inspectors spotted around 300 members of the crowd performing Nazi salutes during the 2-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach last week in the Europa League.

The ban mean that Lazio’s Europa League game against Stuttgart on 14 March, will now be played behind closed doors.

Lazio are not amused at Uefa’s ruling and have already said that they will appear. The club’s President Claudio Lotito called this as an “abnormal and absurd” move by UEFA.

“It is an abnormal move compared to the reality of the situation,” said Lotito on RaiSport.

“Lazio did everything we could and should have done to stop this from happening. It seems absurd to me that we have to play behind closed doors, which will seriously damage the club economically and stop the fans from participating in this event.

“We cannot as a club be penalised for the mistakes of a small minority. We will lodge an appeal. I repeat, everyone knows how much we did to prevent this sort of thing from happening, achieving results that nobody else has on a national level.

“We must distinguish between the delinquents who act on their own volition and those fans who express themselves in a civilised fashion.

“It is not possible that a club has to pay for the errors of an individual.”

Not a good week for fans in Italy. First Inter Milan is fined for their fans making racial gestures towards Mario balotelli on the Milan derby, and now Lazio sees their ground closed for two European matches.

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  • Chiedozie Ebe February 28, 2013, 6:58 am

    I think Lazio and their president should spare us any excuses whatsoever.I don’t care how they do it,they simply must find a way to stop these horrendous acts of racism.What exactly did he mean by all he has done?or by that ‘they have done all that is possible’?The fact still remains that they are simply not doing enough! Doesn’t he and others in his position feel that it is time that education rallies are held (even right there in the stadium premises) to educate fans on the ills of their beliefs and actions?Also clear warnings should be made at stadium entry points to fans against such actions.You could also have plane-clothe policemen with special training in spotting incurable racists and trouble-makers,stationed outside to stop potential trouble-makers from gaining access into the stadium.The loss of a few hundred euros will be a small price to pay compared to the tens of thousands they are being made to pay now.It will also let the racists know that there actions are not welcome in the stadium environment.l also think that UEFA still has too be a bit firmer in penalizing clubs,at least to make them realize the gravity of the offences of their fans.I still remember vividly the kicking of a ball by Kevin Prince Boateng into the crowd in a friendly between Milan and so other local club.If UN had to call for a hearing on d matter,it simply shows how seriously they take it,and tells us that FIFA & UEFA who are supposed to take it very seriously,are rather handling it with kid gloves…WHAT A TRAGEDY!

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